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Dimensions 120 × 120 × 168 in

“Zephyrus” (2015) demonstrates Jorge Blanco’s intellectual approach to his abstract sculpture, using sharp lines contrasted with curves and ornamentation to tell a full story. In Greek mythology Zephyrus was the personification of the West wind, one of the several wind gods, the Anemoi, and the most gentle and benevolent. The stand that anchors the larger work to the ground appears as both a ladder, symbolizing man’s desire to climb to the heavens, and long legs and feet, as the bird-like creature above must inevitably return to the ground, no matter how high he may go. With three wavy curves coming off the main shape, appearing as wings but also representative of air drafts, the head is similar to the half-moon face so common in Blanco’s work, with subtle differences to indicate the ethereal, inhuman nature of the living wind itself. The crisp white color, reminiscent of clouds, plays beautifully against any background, as we see the wind god flying over his domain, observing all those below.