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Dimensions 7 × 5 × 8 in

“Taurus” (2018) is a magnificent piece, smaller than some of Jorge Blanco’s other works but nonetheless brimming with the clever flourishes he is so well known for. Taurus (Latin for bull) is the second sign of the zodiac, and people born under it are often steadfast and determined, destined for a fulfilling life with great spiritual growth. There are so many captivating details of this work that demonstrate once again Blanco’s mastery of movement in sculpture: the three angled legs with one anchored, suggesting a pivot to run; the S-curved tail, poised to help the bull balance as it charges; the single visible eye (a common feature in Blanco’s work) suggests the shadow cast on the bull’s face as it turns, while the eye locks on to it’s target. Elegant, simple, and powerful, this bull challenges us to take life by the horns.