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“Soccer” (2018) showcases Jorge Blanco’s exquisite use of framing. From a young age Blanco was heavily inspired by sports, both in his birth country and abroad, and the figure’s hunched shape, so big it stretches beyond the edge of the frame, creates a sense of immediacy and focus as he strives to shoot a goal. The red figure, a color associated with energy and strength, is complemented by the yellow of the ball he has kicked, shown twice to indicate its trajectory and the power of the move. Perhaps most striking is the same yellow color in a circle at the juncture of the figure’s arms, legs, and head, which is absent from the circle that indicates his eye. The implication is that the small yellow circle is his heart and soul, connected directly to the ball as if making it an extension of his body and drive, and showing the deep meaning the sport holds for Blanco.