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“Light” (2020) shares many similarities with Jorge Blanco’s abstract self-portrait “Selfie.” However, this piece has key differences that explore the stylistic choices in a different way. The figure appears to have many arms, but this is another prime example of Blanco’s clever exploration of movement, as they stretch upwards, their head half-in, half-out of light, probably the dawn. The wisps of hair and the delicate lashes above the bright blue eyes coupled with the curved lines below suggest a feminine face, smiling in joy at the start of a new day. The gradient of grey through the center of the figure further demonstrates Blanco’s affinity for balance, and his admiration of the figure is clear, as the yellow background dominates the grey shadow that makes up the top right triangle of the image, implying that the lovely lady moving through it is the bringer of the light herself, and not simply bathed in it.