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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 12 in

“Golfer” (2016) harkens back to Jorge Blanco’s famous comic strip “The Castaway,” published in El Diario de Caracas. The half-moon faced protagonist of those strips is often exercising, playing sports, or trying to take a siesta when he is suddenly interrupted by nature, other humans, or sometimes even breaks in the fourth wall. Here, our loveable hero engages in golf, a game Arnold Palmer called “deceptively simple and endlessly complicated,” which could just as easily refer to all Blanco is able to convey with his work. The blue of the hunched figure, a color associated with calm and serenity, is an ironic contrast to the tension inherent in the sport, and the silver club, white ball and green grass below all indicate the calm just before the storm as he adopts his stance.