Double Trouble


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“Double Trouble” (2022) is one of Jorge Blanco’s sweetest portraits. Brilliantly incorporating his signature moon-face figures into the yin-yang symbol, the image portrays two lovers intertwined, soulmates who compliment one another. The bright clear blue of the background imparts serenity and happiness to the whole piece, while the specific colors of mauve, purple, and yellow of the front torso differentiate the two bodies. The shared color of the body of the figure in the back and the face of the one in the foreground expand on the idea, implying the deep connection between the two beings. The parallel lines often seen in Blanco’s portraits serve to further the whimsical vision, as they suggest arms on the right and hair on the left. At the heart of all Blanco’s work is love, for his craft, for his inspiration, and for sharing his joie de vivre with the world.