Additional information

“Cycling” (2021) is modeled after the sculpture “Easy Ride” that Jorge Blanco created for a recreation center in Park City, Utah in 2013. His minimalist approach to color is on clear display, with his moon-faced character in yellow, a color associated with happiness, spontaneity and sunshine, while the bicycle he rides is in red, a color associated with activity, drive, and vigor. Once again, Blanco’s ability to convey movement even in static forms is apparent, as the figure hunches over the bike, feeling the wind in his non-existent ears, his legs pumping furiously. His flair for framing is evident as the bike is not all present, focusing us on the figure first and foremost. Blanco’s sense of whimsy is even cleverly shown as the figure, based on the original three-dimensional sculpture, has bolts on his hips, shoulder, and hand, just as that one would.